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SEO Strategy That Will Work in 2021 and Beyond in 8 Steps

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Did you know that more than 3 500 000 searches are performed every day on google by people that are looking for your product or service? It’s on you how you will use this opportunity to get those customers to your site.

If you were wondering how to do it with Search Engine Optimization, you have come to the right place.

After reading this guide, you will be able to create your own SEO strategy that will bring you free traffic from Google.

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What Is an SEO Strategy?

SEO Strategy is simply a process containing multiple steps that are designed to improve your SEO ranking performance. By following these steps you can easily increase your free organic traffic even by multiple times.

SEO Keyword Research

The power of Keyword Research lies in better understanding your target market and how they are searching and also thinking. After better understanding your audience, you have a much better chance to be able to show them your products or services.

Keyword Research provides you with specific data that can help you to answer questions asked by your potential customers that’s why its importance is even more significant and wouldn’t be left out of any SEO Strategy.

You can stuff your page with long paragraphs of texts, but when nobody searches for them, nobody will find your That’s why it’s important to know how your audience uses search engines to find answers.

Google Suggestions in search bar

Google suggestions

The best data is always data directly from Google because you know that it is 100% accurate, and it’s free. The drawback is that you won’t get the exact search numbers or anything like this.

But you can always use it as an inspiration, but keep in mind that Google may show different results that may vary country by country, user by user. The best option is to use a VPN and Incognito tab.

Google Related Searches preview

After Google’s Search suggestion we can use Related searches at the bottom of the first page to get a better picture of related search queries.

This part from our SEO Strategy is a great organic method of getting answears directly from Google. Since you are optimizing you SEO for google, it’s always great to use techniques liek this.

Long-tail keywords

Focusing on the Long-tail keyword is a great SEO tactic to use. Since many times the shorter queries have a high difficulty score meaning it could be much harder to rank on those.

What are long-tail keywords?

Long-tail keywords are keywords or keyphrases that are more specific (usually longer) than more commonly used keywords.

These keywords usually get less traffic since they are more specific, but they also tend to have a much better CTR (Click-through rate).

Why add long-tail keywords to you SEO Strategy?

They allow you to gradually get more traffic to your site and be able to show yourself to new and more specific audience groups.

Also, they tend to have much less competition in SERP and also much better CTR.

What to look after when finding keywords

Some metrics are more important than others when it comes to keyword research so here are some of the most important ones you should definitely take into consideration when choosing a keyword.

Search Volume

The number of searches for the specified query, but don’t let the bigger number fool you. Higher Search Volume doesn’t immediately mean more traffic for you.

Usually, when optimizing to these kinds of keywords you will have to fight off more competitors.

Some keywords may not have the best potential but with gradually rising search volume they may get many searches in the future and your competitors couldn’t be able to catch up with you since you optimized for the keyword and started ranking for it long before them.

Another Great SEO Strategy method to get data from Google for free.

👉 check out Google trends here

Competitive Density

The higher the competition is for the given keyword, the more effort you will have to put into your post to start ranking on these keywords.

Keyword Difficulty

This metric directly shows you how difficult is to start rank for the given keyword on a scale from 0 to 100. If you find a low KD query that fits you, then great go for it, it can make a lot of noise for little effort.

Keyword finder tools

There are many keyword tools that help you find your right keyword or keyphrase most of the time very easily.

Some of them only focus on finding keywords, but others are full-fledged powerful SEO tools that you may not need if you only want to find the right keywords for your website.

Any of these tools can be very useful adons for you, and can help keeping on track your SEO Strategy.


One of the most popular tools out there offers a powerful Keyword Explorer tool among many other “sub” tools. 

Keyword Explorer can show data from 171 countries with thousands of keyword suggestions and support for 10 Different Search Engines like Google, Amazon, Bing, and many more.



Another popular choice Among SEO Experts tends to be Semrush wish offers a similar keyword tool called Keyword Magic Tool that offers the same great features.


KWFinder by Mangools

The #1 Keyword Research tool for the money packs a lot of punch for very little cost. It’s definitely more easy and straight forward to use than many other tools out there thanks to its clean user interface.

Despite its much lower cost comparing it to its competitors, it packs the same features so you won’t miss anything you really need.



Keyword Research tool developed by one of the top marketers currently found on the web Neil Patel.

Ubersuggest comes with a very low price compared to its other more popular competitors but it also offers a very interesting lifetime deal, so if you’re not interested in paying for another subscription, it may be the way to go


Analyze Google’s First Page

After you found keywords that may work for you, now you should check what works for your competitors. And read this one carefully since it’s a really important step to get your SEO Strategy right!

Scan the first page of Google and check for similarities between them, and differentiate post types to make sure you are writing the right one.

Check the ranking posts

Always compare yourself to the top-ranking pages to be able to get above them, check what are they writing about, why are they post so interesting that it’s ranking on the first page, and try to make a better one that will add more value to your customer then theirs.

Create the right type of post

To stand a better chance against your competitors, you should create the type of content that your customers want to read.

We recognize many different post types you can use but it depends on your topic what you should really use.

  • List
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Beginners guide
  • Expanded definition

Check ads

Google Ads specialists are optimizing their ads all the time to get better CTR(Click-through rate) out of them and it costs a lot of money until they get it to be as optimized as it can be.

Get inspired by their headlines because when it works for them, it may work even for you.

Make Better Content That Deserves To Rank

Writing a blog post sounds easy enough, but is it? As in many things you can make it easier by writing more and more or just start following some guidelines that will help you get better at it. 

Create Original Content

Original content is key when trying to rank on google and compete with all the other posts published well before you that we’re able to get some friction and traffic with time. But nothing that your SEO Strategy can’t handle.

Every Post Must Have These

If you are starting out, or even an experienced pro in the fields that already tried and used an SEO Strategy before, there are some guidelines out there that may help you become a better writer.

Table of Content

When people come to your post and see a 4000-word long article they get scared from it and nobody wants to research the article to find the answer they are looking for so they exit and go find it somewhere else wish leads to a higher bounce rate wish is bad for your ranking.

You can easily fit that by Table of Content at the beginning of your article to be able to show the user what exactly the article contains and ideally it scrolls the user where he wants to be after a click.

Also, it’s also a good practice to tell him at the beginning what he will learn from this article by reading your article.

Strong Headlines

Most people only read the headlines (I’m guilty of it too don’t worry, just include it in your SEO Strategy please!) and after they get caught in, they read the rest.

That fact makes the headline one of the most crucial pieces of your content. And you should learn and get better at writing really good and compelling headlines.

However, don’t confuse a Strong Headline with a click-bait one, you don’t want your users to feel cheated after they start to read something that they did not want to.

Use Rich media like Images or Videos

Rich media can help your readers to better understand what you are trying to say in less time. And you should value the time of your readers as it would be yours.

Readers are always trying to find the answer to their question in as little time as possible so if you can answer their question in record time, they will be more satisfied by your article and more prone to come back later to answer a different question.

Also, rich media help you to separate paragraphs from each other to make a more breathable content that will be more pleasant to read as it was only stuffed text.

Provide Answers

Almost every time somebody searches on Google, they want to get their question or need to be fulfilled. If your article does not provide the answer your reader wants, he will go away and search for it in a different article wish tells Google that your article isn’t the right one for this question or search query.

It’s important to provide straightforward answers in your article to make your readers more satisfied.

On-Page SEO & why it’s important in you SEO Strategy

At this point, you have a clear vision of your keywords, competitors, and how your articles will look but it’s still not enough to have a great SEO Strategy.

To make your page rank, you will need to focus on your On-Page SEO too, as it’s equally important as your quality content.

On-Page SEO Basics

Also known as “on-site SEO” is a process of optimizing your web page content for search engines to have better crawlability so the search engines can understand what is your site about, and users have a more pleasant experience from going through your site.

This tactic only takes into consideration what is on your page unlike Off-page SEO, which is the part of SEO that focuses on optimizing on signals that happen off of your website.

SEO optimized content

You have just published a blog post that you put so much effort and love into it but it can all go to waste if the search engines can’t properly “crawl” your post and understand what is it about.

Use an SEO plugin

Make sure that your page is indexable by search engines and also install an SEO plugin made for your platform.

Use a target keyword

Always define your target keyword and use it at the beginning of your content, but also in Title and Meta Description as it can provide better chances to rank for your target keyword.

Use Headings

Use Heading (H1, H2, H3, etc…)  to differentiate different sections of your content.

Optimize & Test your Title and Description Tags

You have successfully filled out all your Title and Meta description and the job is done, but is it? Your Title & Meta Description can highly increase your CTR in the SERP and thanks to higher CTR can rank your page higher because it tells Google that if people are clicking on it, it has to be what they were searching for.

So it’s nice to check your search console after a couple of month of publishing your blog post and check if the CTR is high enough, if not, you may consider changing it.

Be aware of using of click-bait Titles since they can increase your CTR but they can greatly increase your bounce rate since the user exits your page when they don’t find what they were looking for.

Internal Linking

Before Google starts ranking your post, it needs links. They help Google to tell a better idea of what is your post about by taking into consideration other pages that link to it and it helps to create a more complete picture of your page.

Your internal link structure is important for your readers since it helps them better navigate through your website but also google can create a more complete view of you site.

Short URLs with “Stuffed” with Keywords

Great URLs can help improve user experience but also it can make them more memorable to your visitors.

Also, URLs are one of many ranking factors that Google takes into consideration so make sure to put your target keyword there, but try to make it as short as possible.

Search Intent

Search intent is used to describe the purpose of searches. It can be also user intent or audience intent.

What is Search Intent?

Hopefully, everybody who searches on Google is trying to find the answers they are looking for. Your main goal has to be to satisfy the user’s search intent as much as possible to get a satisfied customer or reader out of him.

Types of Search Intents

There are more types of search intent that we can divide into categories so it’s easier to use in the field.

Informational Intent

As the name suggests, people classified in this search intent group tend to search for information like correct bike size, weather, the highest mountain, and more…

People with this intent want to visit a specific website that they know or already heard of.

For example, if they search for “Twitter” they already know they want to go there so other websites are irrelevant.

Commercial Investigation

People with this intent want to buy something but that may not be totally sold so they want to see some comparisons in price or maybe similar products. For this intent are generally better to write comparison posts.

Transactional Intent

People with this intent are ready to make a purchase.

The answer is in the SERPs

To know the wish type of blog post to write for wish intent, you will find the answer in the SERPs. Check the types of pages that are ranking for your chosen query and you want to use the same post style in your posts.

The most important, and at the same time the most challenging SEO Strategy you can do for your website, but also the hardest one to be done right. Not every backlink is equal and some may even harm you so finding high-quality backlinks are crucial for your SEO Strategy.

Backlinks brings you free traffic from other website that link to you, but also thanks to them Google can create a more complete image what is your website about.

What is Linkbuilding in SEO?

Linkbuilding is simply a process of getting other websites to link to a page on your website, which can be done by many different strategies that we will go through further in this article.

Backlinks are only hyperlinks that are linking to pages on your website.

It can be a real pain when you click on a hyperlink and the page shows a 404 error. You as a user may get frustrated or simply not satisfied with the experience, problems like this may appear on any website and that’s not their fault. Simply the site which they linked to in the past went down or stopped to be supported by the owner.

That’s when you come in, you can go through multiple websites with any tool or browser extension and find hyperlinks that are linking to a site that is no longer exists.

Install LinkMiner

To make your job easier, you can install a chrome extension like LinkMiner that can check all links on the given page with one click, and highlight all the broken ones to you.

download LinkMiner Here.

Contact the Site Owner

After you have found a broken link that fits your needs, and you can offer the owner a new one that serves the same purpose as the old one. You can contact the website owner by asking him if he would be so kind to change the broken link to one you sent him. If he/she agrees, you just got yourself a new backlink that can juice up you SEO.

Competitor Analysis

Comment on relevant blog posts

I know what you’re thinking right now, and no, you can’t open multiple blogs and put a link to your site below every post. I mean you could but it wouldn’t bring you the benefits you would like, also it does not look great at all.

By commenting we mean replying to an article with a point question or sentence that further improves other user’s experience.  

For example, you did not found an information in the article that would bring added value to the readers so you could politely notify the author that hey, you did not find this and this and you were just discussing it on your blog and put the link to your page. That’s it.

Guest posting

You just found that great blog full of interesting articles to read and started to wonder how you could get a backlink for that blog.

Well, you won’t lose anything if you just ask the owner if you cloud write a blog post with him and maybe include a link to your site as well in it. And also you can offer him to do it for him too and that would be a win-win situation for everybody.

Skyscraper technique

This technique is created by the famous Brian Dean known for his blog and it’s such a good technique that we couldn’t leave it out by our list.

We won’t go further in with this, instead, we let you learn it from the inventor itself where you can also learn how he increased his traffic by 110% in 14 days by using the Skyscraper technique.

This is known as a Black Hat SEO technique which basically means that you should not do it and basically, you can get penalized for it by Google.

Although a lot of people are practicing this technique we encourage you to get those juicy backlinks by doing honest and best work you can.

Track Your progress

Improve & Update

Congratulations! You have finally reached the end of our SEO Strategy Guide, but the work for you is just beginning here and by now you have surely realized that.

Improving your old articles and adding new keywords to them can bring a lot more free traffic to your pages. Always remember that by publishing something your job did not end, you can and also should update your post from time to time to show google that you are actually caring about to show fresh and improved articles to you readers.